Cultural Food Day

Some of our cultural food:

  • Ti'hilo

A specialty in Tigray, Ethiopia's northern region. Consisting of barley powder mixed with other exotic herbs and spice, and water. rolled like little ball. Served with authentic Meat or Vegan stew to dip it in using chopsticks.    

  • Kitifo

A specialty in Gurage, Ethiopia's southwest region. Consisting It consists of minced raw beef, marinated in mitmita and niter kibbeh (clarified butter). Served with bread or injera. It could be eaten raw, half cooked or well-done. Accompanied with the usual traditional homemade cottage cheese.

  • Kita-Firifr (chechebsa)

A specialty in Sidama & Oromia, Ethiopia's south region. Very tinny baked  and flat bread, cut in small paces and well mixed with clarified Ethiopian butter or herbal infused olive oil, mitmita and cardamom. Accompanied with homemade creamy yogurt or sour cream.